Freight Train Simulator

Game that requires players to operate a train and keep it on schedule


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  • Version 1.37
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  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000
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Climb Aboard the Freight Train Express

Simulation games have become very popular in recent years and Freight Train Simulator is yet another part of the ever growing collection of gamers for players to choose from. While some simulator games have a lot to offer gamers, others seem to fall a little flat. Read on to discover if Freight Train Simulator is packed with fun or just another copy.

Freight Train Simulator puts players behind the controls of their very own freight train and gives them the task of keeping the train on track and running to schedule. Players have to use their skills and wits to make sure that the train goes quickly enough to arrive at the station on time. However, if you push the train too hard it will go careening off the track.

If the game seems rather simple, that’s because it is. The controls are very simple to use and once players have mastered the controls and understand the concept of the game it is pretty much smooth going. The keyboard controls are rather basic and there are just two buttons to press for the brake and another two buttons for the throttle. Unlike most simulator games there is no world to create as such and not many tools or options at your disposal.

In fact, this game has not really done much to earn it the name of simulator. It seems as though the name was simply provided so that it could jump on the simulator band wagon and entice gamers. People who are fans of the complex creation aspects of most simulator games are sure to be a bit disappointed by Freight Train Simulator and find that the feeling of fun wears off rather quickly.

The data presentation of the game is rather well thought out and it is easy to keep an eye on your speed as well as the distance you have travelled, the time taken and other types of relevant information. However, the game graphics leave a lot to be desired and again you may find yourself wondering if this is really a simulator game.

The game comes with a series of different levels, each of which presents players with a different stretch of track that they need to cover and a certain time to complete their journey in. although the scenery changes slightly as you progress through the game and things get a little more challenging, there is very little variation from this basic formula.

Learning how fast to go at certain points such as around corners and when to brake is more trial and error rather than actual skill. When players go too fast they will be punished by derailing, which of course hampers their progress in the game and may make them miss their goal. However, there is no real indication of the correct speed and it is necessary to keep trying time and time again until you get it just right. There are ten levels in total, each offering a new type of train to play with.

Freight Train Simulator takes gamers back to a simpler time when the pace of life was slow and there were not too many concerns. While this can be enchanting for a while, many gamers may find the pace a bit too slow and become frustrated by the lock of options. However, for freight train enthusiasts this game is the perfect way to let off a little steam.


  • The game is easy to play
  • Simple controls


  • The graphics are great
  • The sound effects are unrealistic
  • Not many options to choose from
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